Co-ordination, and Celebrancy Services 

Our ‘On the Day’ Experience package is what we love to call our ‘supportive’ package. This experience is inclusive of implementation, on the day co-ordination, and wedding Celebrancy services. We like to add that although it is called ‘on the day’, rest assured, we step in a lot earlier than this to start working with you. We will make contact three months prior to your wedding date to start the ball rolling.


This experience has been designed for the couple who are wanting to run the initial planning process themselves. You will lovingly together head out to perform your own research of venues, locations, vendors, suppliers and have had a good style and design concept in your own mind about what you want for your dream wedding day. You will secure the venue, lock in your bookings with your chosen vendors and suppliers and then package the details up ready to hand over to us. We will step in and launch into full co-ordination mode for you meaning you can step back, unwind, and start to get excited as we will have everything under control from here.


The purpose of this experience is to provide you with the opportunity to unwind in the months that lead up to the big day, spend time quality time together and enjoy the festivities as we ensure everything runs smoothly for you.


The bonus with this experience is that, as we are registered wedding Celebrants you can choose to be legally married by us… we are very passionate about the importance of the vows, and you will receive a personal experience created for you by someone who has really got to know you and your story.



Confirmation and submission of the final wedding day details to the venue, vendors and suppliers ensuring every party has what they require well in advance of the day inclusive of full contact lists and run sheets.

On the Day

We provide on the day duties and co-ordination on the day of your wedding for up to ten hours as well as provide assistance to the vendors and suppliers where required. We will support and guide you and your guests through the motions of the day ensuring timelines are met and prompts are given where required. We will ensure that before we leave at the end of the evening everything to wrap up is under control and your gifts and presents are collected and with the designated person.

Celebrancy Services 

Our Celebrancy services will begin with an ‘About your Love Story’ meeting allowing us to start your ceremony script preparation. We then offer you the option to review and amend your draft as many times as required until you are happy with the final wording. We promise our confidentiality, care and attention in the preparation work and will deliver your ceremony in a fun, proud, enticing, and friendly manner with a VERY big smile on our face!


You will have our professionalism, guidance, and support from start to end as we act in accordance with The Code of Conduct and Australian Marriage Law and don’t worry, we look after the legalities for you at every step.


We pride ourselves on creating a uniquely catered experience for everyone we work with and ensure we capture your personal story and have it delivered to your style.


We come equipped with a PA system, table, and chairs for signing

 PRICE: $2,000 or $1,600 without Celebrancy