Our venue finding experience package is exactly what it says on the tin…. with a little more love added in. This experience has been designed for the couple who may be feeling overwhelmed by the abundance of choices out there, or you simply may not have the time to drive from suburb to suburb, venue to venue to try and select the best option, or you may even be from out of town and not sure on location and what the best choices could be for you.


Whatever your reason… this is where we can help you. With our knowledge, proximity, and undeniable love for the industry we are well suited to carry out a comprehensive search on your behalf and provide you with the best options suited to your needs, wants and desires for your special day.

Beach Wedding


All About You

  • A get to know you and your wedding session. We will run through the dream day, the wants, hopes, musts and desires and start to formulate a plan. 

  • We will provide a comprehensive budget discussion and prepare a wedding budget for you incorporating the venue costs that we are researching. This budget will then be handed over to you to continue using for your planning.

  • We will hold a style, design, and concept session to work through your desired formality/ styles/ colours and create your vision profile to help us understand what you are looking for from your venue. 

Venue and Vendor Research Services

  • Once you have provided us with your wedding date, and desired secondary dates, we will initiate a comprehensive search for an appropriate and available venue in line with your dates and everything you desire.

  • Once we have sourced what we feel matches your wedding venue criteria, we will present this to you in a timely manner for your consideration.  

 PRICE: $1,400