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'The Short Nuptials'

We are very passionate about what we do within the Wedding Industry, what we are able to offer our Clients, and of course... we absolutely love, all things LOVE. We would be honoured to be chosen by you to create a carefully crafted, unique, personal (and legal!) Ceremony catered for who you both are, your relationship, and delivered by us to you and your guests, in the tone that suits you both perfectly!

We work closely with you to create a ceremony that reflects not only your love story, but your personalities. We want you to look forward to this moment (or as much as you can!) and help settle any nerves by providing support, advice, providing you with options, and catering the wording and delivery of the Ceremony to be unique to you... plus we can have a laugh along the way as we move through the planning process!


The Short Nuptials service would suit a couple who are looking for a Ceremony that is relatively short in time but written beautifully to capture the love, the fun, the laughter and the promises. The preparation and Ceremony will be prepared and delivered with little fuss, it will be kept simple. It will be personal and unique, with an excellent blend of being traditional in keeping with some loving formalities, but modern so that moments are quite light hearted. You may be having an elopement Ceremony, a mini style wedding, or simply just aren't comfortable in the spotlight for too long. There are many reasons for preferring a shorter Ceremony, and whatever that is, this is a great option for you.

Below is an outline of what you will receive from Celebrating Love performing 'The Short Nuptials' service.

Newly-wed Couple


  • An Initial 'get to know you and you get to know me' meeting and Ceremony discussion.

  • Guidance in completion of NOIM legal document and advice regarding required ceremony legalities.

  • My confirmation that your ceremony will be solemnised in accordance with Australian Law.

  • Complete adherence to the Marriage Act and Code of Conduct.

  • You will receive a personal drafted ceremony script inclusive of a beautiful keepsake copy.

  • Unlimited communication and drafts for review prior to agreed finalised script.

  • Support, advice and guidance around a poems and readings. 

  • My assurance you will receive excellent guidance, great attention to detail, discretion, as well as my good natured, light hearted and happy approach at all times.

  • I can provide you with guidance on where to seek pre and post marital Marriage Education Services.​

  • ​Full co-ordination with venue, musicians, and others as required on the day.

  • Assistance with your Vows, inclusive of support and help writing them, and printing them ready to bring with me for your Wedding Day (one less thing for you to think about!).

  • PA system with speakers and two microphones can be provided.

  • Signing table and two chairs can be provided (in white or rustic).

  • Attendance to venue for a rehearsal (If your wedding is in a regional or national location this will be discussed as appropriate).

  • My guarantee that the legal documents are completed correctly in line with Australian Legal Requirements.

  • Lodgment of marriage documentation with Births, Deaths and Marriages.

  • You have my word that your ceremony will be professionally performed with a big, warm, and happy smile.

 PRICE: $800
(Additional $250 for additional hours on your Wedding Day to Coordinate with Vendors)

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