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Hello & welcome!

Hi, my name is Laura Williams, and I am the founder and creator of ‘Celebrating Love’.

I have always been in love with everything that a wedding and a marriage represents. From the planning, the excitement, dancing the night away at the end of a perfect wedding day to the sentimental and forever factors of a marriage. Honour, love, and Commitment.

I grew up in England and was lucky enough to have a very loving family. I was heavily exposed to all things wedding, and all things marriage from a young age. From being a guest countless times, to being a bridesmaid on many occasions, from intimate family weddings to lavish big parties and celebrations, I was present at them all. I am also very fortunate to have witnessed one of the most beautiful love stories with my grandparents for my whole life, they are truly inspirational and hold a special place in my heart. My exposure to their marriage formed my loving nature and soft heart towards the ‘Love Story’ and now I wish to share my passion for the wedding industry with everyone. Therefore, finally, after years of working in a corporate environment to pay my bills, I have pushed myself to create a business in an industry I truly love and am very passionate about.

I originally started with the mindset of being a Wedding Planner to throw my ambition, drive, and passion into helping couples plan for, and achieve the wedding they dream about. However, a side opportunity presented itself to become an authorised Civil Celebrant and I felt it was perfect for the woman who LOVES love, wears her heart on her sleeve and wants to make people happy. The combination of Planning and Celebrancy allows me to create a unique and special experience for my clients and this created the birth of ‘Celebrating Love. Wedding Event and Celebrancy Services’.

I understand the time that is required to plan a wedding, not to mention the stress and overwhelming feeling that can be bought on whilst working through the elements involved in your day. Trying to factor this into an already busy life, around your work, around your children, your commitments can easily lead to the words “We will do it one day”.

This moment is where we step in and offer our services. We eat, sleep, and breathe everything wedding, and we are good at it! It’s an honour for us to work alongside you, making your dream a reality, alleviating the stress and organisational pressures on you so you can sit back, relax, make the final decisions and countdown!

We offer Wedding Event Planning and Celebrancy Services in a variety of client experiences that we feel our brides and grooms will relate too. They are catered to consider budget constraints without sacrificing on the dream. We listen and care about our clients and work hard to give them the personal, unique, and memorable day they have been dreaming about.

So, from me here I will end with saying that I look forward to hearing from you and working with you.

Laura Williams


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