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My Hot Tips for a Cool Summer Wedding Ceremony and Reception!

I believe I can speak for most people in Perth and say we are very grateful to be seeing the end of the cooler weather and are looking forward to the Spring and Summer. This time of year also means for the next six months we enter a busy Wedding season packed with beautiful outdoor Ceremonies, Wedding Celebrations, a lot of fun and a lot of love.

With that being said, we are extremely fortunate that Perth is so beautiful, and that we are completely inundated with stunning locations to host a couple’s gorgeous outdoor wedding ceremony and reception, but with temperatures rising quickly and long hours of sunshine, it does gives us a few things to have to consider when planning your outdoor Ceremony and Reception…..Timing, the heat on the day, the intense sunshine, and our guest’s potential long exposure during the Ceremony.

With so many Ceremonies having been postponed due to COVID, this season will be a big one for many as we see border restrictions start to relax FINALLY! Therefore, ahead of your magical day, I have put together a few helpful tips and suggestions to get you prepped for your outdoor Summer Ceremony to make sure it is a hit.

Keep your Guests Hydrated

Ensure you work with your venue to offer water and refreshing drinks upon your guest’s arrival to have close by during the ceremony. You could source some personalised glassware and cups to match your colour theme and flowers. Once the Ceremony has concluded you can have cool refreshments, and of course Chilled Bubbly ready to go ‘cheers everyone’ before you head off for your photoshoot.

Frozen Goodies and Pop Ups

There are so many awesome options for frozen goodie carts and Pop Ups that can be hired for your Ceremony area and pre-dinner drinks. They are an excellent option on a hot day and can range from ice-creams and gelato to Cocktails and Pop bars and Grazing boards. These incredible options will keep your guests cool and entertained.

Personalised Sunglasses

Now… we are very blessed in Perth with guaranteed sunshine during Spring and Summer, but this can unfortunately result in people squinting or holding their hands across their faces during the ceremony to avoid the glare. Matching (and possibly personalised) sunglasses could be handed out upon arrival for your guests to wear during the Ceremony. Your guests will not miss a special moment, and these could then double up as props on the dancefloor and a keepsake for your loved ones.

Sun cream

It is drummed into us to be sun smart in Perth, especially when we will be outdoors for long periods of time, so a wedding is no exception. The last thing anyone would want is to overdo it and miss out on any part of the special day. It is a great idea to purchase some beautiful dispensers (incorporating your style) and fill with Sun cream for your guests to apply before the Ceremony begins.

Paper Parasol Umbrellas

Another fantastic option is to place paper parasol umbrellas on each chair or multiple across a bench for people to hold onto during the Ceremony (of course being mindful of those behind you). This will keep your guests shaded and would look amazing in photos. You could carefully select from a range of gorgeous colours that will suit the style and colour theme of your Wedding and Ceremony and have everyone pose with them for a brilliant and bright group shot.

Fabric Cushions for your Outdoor Chairs

One thing to factor in when planning the seating for your Ceremony is the type of chairs your guests will sit on. Certain materials will attract the heat and in turn could burn a few bottoms! Consider looking for cushions or thick fabric covers to make your guests feel more comfortable. There are so many beautiful options you could consider, and it is a great way to inject some colour into your Ceremony in conjunction with your florals.

Mosquito Sprays and Candles

I am one of those people that mosquitos are drawn too… and unfortunately, so are many! Being outdoors on a warm summer’s night increases the chances for those unwanted buzzing guests to gatecrash the evening. The only focus for the evening should be celebrating and dancing the night away and not feeling itchy from these little wedding crashers… get ahead of the game and ensure you source some (odourless) sprays and candles to keep them away.

Marquees and Pop-Up Gazebos

Ok… there is no escaping those periods through a Perth summer when the temperatures soar, and we have a 40 plus degree heat wave that can last for days or weeks! You definitely need to get prepped and work with the Venue for these conditions. For outdoors ceremonies that are planned to be held in direct sunlight, it is a great idea to have pop up gazebos or a marquee on standby ready to go…. Especially if there will be no shade. Take it from me…. I got married on a 37-degree day, and even with a few provisions in place I still had a few of my English guests melting under the heat! Have a ’Hot Weather’ Plan B with the Venue or your Wedding Planner just in case.

Air Conditioning

My ‘Hottest Tip’ within this blog is about Air Conditioning. If your evening reception flows into an indoor setting for dinner and dancing, be sure to check the Air Con with the venue ahead of your day. Make sure it is working correctly as no A/C, 100 plus guests, in the middle of summer will make for one very hot evening.

Cooling Misters

I am not suggesting drowning your guests, LOL, but for those incredibly hot days a water misting system would work very well and will keep everyone cool and comfortable while they are watching your special ‘I DO’s’. Do you research and talk with your venue to hire something suitable and affordable that will compliment your Ceremony seating layout.

Wedding Ceremony Walkthrough

On the eve of the ‘Big Day’ you will no doubt be having a rehearsal and will be on cloud nine! It’s the best feeling knowing the next day you are going to become Mr and Mrs… However, through all of the excitement, ensure that you run through a few final checks. Make sure that you plan to hold your rehearsal at the same time as your Ceremony and that it is held at the venue. This gives you the chance to double check and ensure that you have factored in the sun exposure, assessed if there are any shaded areas that can be utilised, and double check that you are satisfied with the ceremony layout. Note the direction of the sun for your entrance (you want your pictures to show wide eyes and big smiles and no squinting), check the position of the bridal party, and the direction of your guests. It gives you an early opportunity to implement your ‘Hot Weather’ Plan B the day before without any last minute rushes on the day.

So, there you have it! Some of my helpful hints and top tips for ensuring a hot temperature ceremony runs as perfect as you have planned it too.

I hope this helps and thank you for reading!

Lots of Love



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