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Perth Wedding Expo 2021!

On Sunday 24th October 2021 I achieved a big goal I had to set myself and have decided to write about it as I am so proud of myself. This whole year has been about finishing my qualifications and setting up my wedding business ready to achieve my goals. Back in early 2021 I set a target to be up, running and established to be at the Perth Wedding Expo in Australia and I did it!!

It more than exceeded my expectations, it was nonstop all day, full on, absolutely thriving and I loved every moment. I met a lot of amazing and wonderful people who were all at different stages of their wedding plans and it was great to be able to provide some of my suggestions and advice. It was so exciting to be able to put myself and my business out there in person and I got to meet some amazing vendors across the day who I look forward to working with.

So… what did I learn.

  • Everyone in the Wedding Industry is lovely! It’s a supportive network of vendors and people are out there to support you and not compete. It’s lovely to be in an environment so positive.

  • Potential Clients are all at different stages of their planning and have very different needs. Listen carefully, intently and provide relative feedback and advice. Its such an important moment in someone’s life so everyone needs the right support for them.

  • Expos are busy!! And very overwhelming. That’s why everyone I spoke too was offered my free no obligation chat and/or coffee meeting to discuss their wedding needs in private.

  • Every love story is different, that is why it is so important as a Wedding Planner and Wedding Celebrant to capture that story and create a personal, unique, and beautiful day that is ALL about the two people in love.

  • I am definitely in the right industry, I absolutely LOVE love, I love Weddings and really want to be able to make and see people happy!

So, I am now eagerly working through my interests from the day and planning my Calendar for a busy 2022. I can not wait for a busy Summer and Autumn.

Lots of Love



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