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Lets Talk Ceremony Rituals!

Hi everyone, I thought I would take some time to discuss something that many people probably wouldn’t have considered for their wedding ceremony. This is the inclusion of a ritual in your ceremony, now you may or may have heard of this, or you may have only heard of cultural or religious rituals…. Well, there are so many non-religious and meaningful inclusions that could add an extra sparkle to your special moment, and I would love to share a few ideas with you.

A ritual is defined as a practice or an observation. It acts as a way of showing a behaviour from one person to another that is symbolic of the thoughts and feelings behind the important life event they are about to honour, commit and enter into. In short, we do not see a couple’s relationship, we see the behaviours of that couples relationship and how they show that relationship to the world… and that is why I… “Mrs. I Love Love” would like to talk to you about some beautiful symbolic rituals that you can add to your wedding ceremony to display your love and affection for the commitment you are about to make. After all, a ceremony is the joining of two loves, two families, and in some cases new parents and siblings and there are some beautiful ways you can express this in your ceremony in front of all your loved ones.

Wine Ceremony Ritual

A wine ceremony ritual is a unique way to celebrate the union of both parties to the marriage during the Ceremony and is symbolic of the life you will create together. Two beautiful options for this are;

A wedding wine box and love letter ritual – Purchase or make a box containing a bottle of your favourite wine and two glasses. Make it pretty and it can be displayed at the front of the Ceremony, during the ceremony, a sealed love letter is presented to each party and placed in the box, and the box is then sealed with the idea that it won’t be opened until a specific time (five-year anniversary).

A Wine Glass Wedding Ceremony ritual – Each party pours themselves a vessel of their favourite wine. Both vessels are then poured into a special personalised wine glass and each party will then take a sip. The glass is then kept as a keepsake. This ritual is to symbolise the blending of two lives by marriage.

Unity Sand Ritual

The unity sand ritual is to symbolise the blending of two lives and two families. Each party to the marriage and their children holds a vessel containing a different coloured sand, every member is then called up one by one to pour their sand into a united object (mason Jar, Photo frame, Vase) displaying the blended beautiful colours together to be kept as a keepsake.

Lolly/candy blending unity family ritual

In the same regard as the Sand Ritual, the Lolly unity family ritual symbolises the blending of two families. Each family member holds their own mason Jar of their favourite lollies. One by one they pour this into a large ornament labelled ‘Us’ or “Family’. This signifies that each member of the family is unique with their own desires and that they bring their own character and strength to this newly joint family.

Family Unity Painting Ritual

Another very fun and very vibrant ritual that symbolises the joining of two families is to create a family canvas during the ceremony… now I am not saying everyone sits and paints like an artist… A blank canvas with a taped heart is displayed at the front of the ceremony on an easel. Each family member steps forward with their chosen colour in a spray bottle. They each take a turn to spray and colour the canvas with their own style. Once dried, the tape is removed to display a heart amongst the combined colours. This signifies unity and the blending of a family into one.

This idea is also beautiful for just the newlyweds. You can make it, fun, vibrant and the canvas can then be displayed as your own personal artwork in your home.

Candle Ceremony Ritual

An oldie, but a gorgeous and meaningful goodie! (… and not a ritual for an outdoor ceremony… especially in Windy Perth!). Both parties to the marriage light a candle during the ceremony which continues to burn for the duration of the ceremony. This act symbolises a promise, happiness, and the start of a shared journey between two people who acknowledge that the vows to one another unite them in marriage to live their lives together rather than as individuals. You can organise personalised, coloured, specific candles that are then keep and displayed in your home as a keepsake.

Loving Cup Ceremony Ritual

The Loving Cup Ceremony Ritual is another oldie, but a very traditional ritual that symbolises the union of two people in the joining of their marriage. The loving cup that you drink from has two handles that both parties to the marriage will hold onto while each person takes a sip. This specialised cup will then be kept as a keepsake, and again you can jazz it up and make it personal. Possibly play your favourite song and say some beautiful words to one another in the form of an “I do”.

Plant a Tree Ceremony Ritual

This ritual is a beautiful idea, and its meaning is so simple. There are ways this can be carried out to suit indoor and outdoor ceremonies, such as, in the garden of the venue the ceremony is taking place, (with permissions of course), or in a potted plant displayed at the front of the ceremony. The planting of a tree is symbolic of growth. It represents your relationship taking its foundation, growing, and thriving as you officially become a family. You can add an extra significance too by selecting a certain type of tree. i.e., Apple trees, that represent love, truth, and beauty.

I could keep going as there are so many other options, such as, the giving of gifts, flowers, blessing the rings, hand wrapping but I will end this here. So… as you can see aside from formalities, or even a more modernised ceremony, there are some amazing additions that bring a little something extra to your day and they have a beautiful meaning behind them.

Enjoy your ceremony Planning!

Lots of Love



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